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TT w/ Maya Vika & Mi-El

London, 17.03.23

DJ Pitch presents the warped world of their TT label every month, with new and exclusive music from the bleeding edges of the internet and beyond: indefinable club mutations, zeitgeist-collapsing pop edits, & sounds as yet undiscovered.


  • Ybryd
    Jersey De Favela
  • Tomás Urquieta
    32 Balas (Rhye's Double Dribble Remix)
  • Unknown Artist
    Lickety Split
  • Fellsius
    H U M A N
  • Diessa
    Day After The Last Day
  • Miles Amillion
    Heavy Head
  • Antconstantino
    Pula Morgue, Pula (One)
  • Riko Dan, Nothingnice & Hayz
    Hawkeye (Oddkut Remix)
  • Simo Cell 
  • Diessa
    Gentleman In Da Club (SL X 50 Cent)
  • Unknown Artist
    The Hallow Drill
  • Unknown Artist
    Shake It
  • Arma
    Amerie (Arma's "If It's Nice Flip It Twice" Edit)
  • Rhyw 
  • Magugu & Le Motel
    On Topper
  • Angelicaa
    I Want It All
  • Leikeli47 
    Iron Mike
  • Amor Satyr
  • Remiseria Tremperley
    Lola Wolf RIP
  • T-RELL
    Drop,Ghost,BANG! (T-RELL Flip)
  • EQ Why Ft. Traxman
    Get Down Big Fella
  • Tamber 
    Tried By Sakura
  • Simen Sez & ADMC
    Throw Some D’s
  • Swoosh
    Sweet Wiggle
  • Dirty Merlin 
    El-B Gets LASIK Blaster
  • Ice Spice
    Munch (King Doudou Remix)
  • Scatta
    Cien Por Ciento
  • Petchi
    Everything She Wants
  • Arma 
    Wray & Ting