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TWO WAY DREAMING - For Refaat, Let It Be A Tale


Edward Said teaches us that among the many things the Zionist occupier attempts to steal from the Palestinians is the ability to narrate, to tell stories. Poet and educator Rafaat Alareer tirelessly resisted in and through his telling of stories, recounting those of his grandmother, the people of Gaza where he lived and worked, or those of his students, the young Palestinian writers whom he loved.

This show contains audio from a talk given by Refaat in 2015 titled 'Stories Make Us', a tribute to Refaat by journalist Ali Abunimah taken from The Electronic Intifada and Refaat's poem 'If I Must Die' read by Jehad Abusalim.

Refaat Alareer was murdered in an airstrike by the Israeli occupation forces on the 7th of December 2023.


  • Áine O'Dwyer 
    Pedal Danse
  • Ishmael Reed 
    When Beautiful Boys Drown in the Nile they Become Gods
  • Benedict Drew
    Gloaming At The Streams
  • Samb_rules
    Twenty Two
  • Saskia 
  • Crushing Union
    RGR (Dirge)
  • Resilent 
  • Silent Servant
    Moral Devide (Endless)