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We Are… w/ Paul Camo

London, 10.07.21

WE ARE… with Paul Camo. A 2 hour slot to make sense of his musical discoveries and influences. Imagine a musical vagabond pouring his caboodle of sound into your ears and you've nailed it.


  • Gossiwor 
    Oceana pt1
  • Abstrakce Records
    Full Consciousness
  • Moler
    Jaguar Capybaras
  • Sun Ra 
    Disco 3000
  • Moor Mother 
  • Roberts Stillman
    What I Owe
  • Jamael Dean 
    When There Is No Sun
  • Carlos Nino Feat Jamael Dean & Devin Daniels
  • Hassan Wargui 
    Isawl Omarg = ⵉⵙⴰⵡⵍ ⵓⵎⴰⵔⴳ = Music Speaks
  • Athletic Progression
    09 DEBRA
  • Mansur Brown 
  • Buz
  • Dos Santos 
    A Shot In The Dark
  • Howard Wales, Jerry Garcia 
    Up From The Desert
  • Traffic 
    Dream Gerrard
  • Lonnie Liston Smith (Harvey Goldberg, Lonnie Liston Smith mix) 
    A Garden Of Peace
  • Phil Cohran
    Black Beauty
  • Batsumi 
  • Walter Bishop Jr. 
    Valley Land
  • Don Sebesky 
    Fly / Circles
  • Airto 
    Wind Chant
  • João Donato 
    Cala Boca Menino