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We Are… w/ Paul Camo

London, 20.08.22

WE ARE… with Paul Camo. A 2 hour slot to make sense of his musical discoveries and influences. Imagine a musical vagabond pouring his caboodle of sound into your ears and you've nailed it.


  • JoVia Armstrong & Eunoia Society
    Breathe 6-23
  • Carlos Nino & Friends
    Luis_s Special Shells (With Jamael Dean) Alternate MIX
  • Shall Remain Nameless
  • Seas Ft_Clementine Blue
    No Dither
  • Bill Nace 
    Boil First
  • BogBodies
    Open Arms
  • Sam Gendel
    Tate-Waku (竪沸く, Rising Steam)
  • DJ Trystero 
  • Heart Of The Ghost 
    Aaron's Ride
  • Rich Ruth 
    Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • Moor Mother
    MEDITATION RAG (Feat. Aquiles Navarro & Alya Al Sultani)
  • Run Logan Run 
    Silver Afternoon
    This Ain't That
  • Ase Manual
    Blind Eye
  • The Fear Ratio
    Spinning Globe (Feat. King Kashmere)
  • Coby Sey
    Permeated Secrets
  • Flying Lotus & Devin Tracy & Devin Tracy
    You Don’t Know
  • Kiefer
    Why Not
  • Mark De Clive-Lowe Featuring Dwight Trible
    You've Got To Have Freedom