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What Means The World 2 U w/ Theo Bark, Elliot from GULCH, and Jon from SLOWBLEED

Los Angeles, 01.02.21

Join Theo Bark and guest artists once a month as they play and discuss the songs they want the world to hear.


  • Gulch 
    Self-Inflicted Mental Terror
  • Slowbleed
    Hung At Dawn
  • 11/5 
    Garcia Vegas
  • Botch 
    C. Thomas Howell As The "Soul Man"
  • Triple 6
    Grave Digger (Feat. Big Drawz Of 2Illeven)
  • Onyx Featuring Biohazard
    Slam (Bioynx ReMix Version)
  • Aerosmith 
    Round And Round
  • Evil Pimp 
    Ridin Thru Da Hood
  • Ganksta N-I-P 
    Horror Movie Rap