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Wiggly World w/ Heaty

London, 30.03.20

Wiggling through the wonderful world of New Weird Britain with Heaty.


  • Inventions 
    Outlook For The Future
  • Tilman Robinson 
    We Came For Your Riches
  • West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
    Until The Poorest People Have Enough Money To Spend
  • Gentle Giant 
  • Willie Dunn 
    I Pity The Country
  • Pearls Before Swine 
    I Saw The World
  • Alabaster DePlume 
    Be Nice To People
  • Nina Simone 
  • Abner Jay 
    The Reason Young People Use Drugs
  • Inclusions
    Unamerican Activity
  • Desperate Bicycles
    Advice On Arrest
  • Neos 
    (Almost) Typical, Obligatory Anti-Government Song
  • Crass 
    Do They Owe Us A Living?
  • Special Interest 
    The State, The Industry, The Community, & Her Lover
  • Flux Of Pink Indians 
    Mickey On Tuneoil
  • Dead Kennedys 
    Forward To Death
  • German Army 
    All is a Question- Insurrection - Crisis of Memory
  • Uniform
  • Rush 
    Bastille Day
  • Richard Norris 
    To All The Wizards In Lockdown