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The Athenian Marketplace w/ Satoshi Social Club

Los Angeles, 02.06.22

Athenian Marketplace takes the reigns of a 2 hour monthly slot from our LA studio.


  • Choir Of All Saints
    God Yo Takem Laef Blong Mi
  • Madonna 
    Justify My Love
  • Godflesh 
    Christbait Rising
  • DJ Paul Feat. Gangsta Boo
    Cheefa The Reefa
  • Tortoise, Bonnie "Prince" Billy feat. Aram Shelton, Corey Wilkes, Jeb Bishop, Sally Timms 
    It's Expected I'm Gone
  • Kill Sadie
    Untitled Number 304
  • Ratking Feat. Wavy Spice
    Puerto Rican Judo
  • Animal Collective 
    The Purple Bottle
  • Black Sheep 
    Blunted 10
  • Sinéad O'Connor 
    I Am Stretched On Your Grave
  • Choir Of All Saints
    Jisas Yu Holem Hand Blong Mi
  • Melvins 
    We All Love Judy
  • The Stalin 
  • Melt-Banana 
    Cub, Not Cube
  • Broadbill
    Lost In The Move
  • Hüsker Dü 
    Data Control
  • Killing Joke 
    Fun & Games
  • Hijokaidan 
    What A Nuisance!