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London, 05.11.21

The eerily slick Young look after acts like The xx, FKA Twigs, Ethan P. Flynn, Koreless and Sampha, and we are sure happy they come to give NTS a quick lowdown through a bi-monthly broadcast. Hosted by George + Tic, with a rotating cast of special guests.


  • Claire Rousay, More Eaze 
    Songs For A Tuned Guitar
  • Dunkelziffer 
    Keine Python
  • Pendant 
    Formula To Attract Affections
  • Marina Herlop
  • Photek 
    Lost Blue Heaven
  • Space Afrika 
    Rings (feat. Guest)
  • Koreless
    Frozen [Slow Mix]
  • ???
  • Call Super 
    Eye Flow Wide
  • Hodge & Simo Cell
  • aya 
    The Only Solution I Have Found Is To Simply Jump Higher
  • Namasenda
    * (Feat. Oklou)
  • Doss 
  • Deadly Avenger 
    The Bayou
  • New Musik