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Yu Su w/ DITA

Kaifeng, 30.04.24

With Yu Su

Kaifeng based DJ & producer Yu Su cooks up an hour of warm meanderings once a month.


  • Nilton Castro 
    Ondes (Les Vagues)
  • Mark E 
    Night Mover
  • Cold Front 
    Beyond The Beat (Infinite Mix)
  • Rocco Universal 
    Somewhere Else
  • Filmpast
    Well, Fine
  • Coy Haste
    Lamma Nights
  • Don’t Look Now
    Hotaru Edit
  • Soulwax 
    Essential Three
  • Time Capsole
    Heat In Africa
  • Alex Kassian 
    Voices (Materia Mix)
  • Occibel (Fantastic Man mix) 
    Nothing So Blue (Fantastic Man Remix)
  • La La
    None Of Yours (DJ ADHD & Chloe Robinson Remix)
  • Jamie Leather 
    That's Enough Now
  • The Trip
    Total 90
  • Chris And Cosey