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London, 15.11.21

With C.A.R.

239EF is Kristina & Chloé, NTS Radio hosts and both artists in their own right. As DIET CLINIC, Kristina is an empowered DJ and moving image artist, driven not only by her own success but by the success of women within electronic music. Her Weaponise Your Sound label features female DJs and artists, reflecting on aspects of sexuality, environment and mind. Chloe is a formidable talent in the electronic underground. With two critically acclaimed LPs under her belt, she produces her own unique brand of off-kilter-synth-wave under the moniker C.A.R. When the two join forces as 239EF, the result is thrilling; a perfectly complementary journey into the outer realms of dance music. Throbbing techno, industrial rhythms, proto-house, jacking new beat … you’ll find the pair in dark & sweaty basements, lifting dance floors with a vast and surprising blend of past and future influences.


  • Dopplereffekt 
    Cellular Automata
  • Nurse With Wound, Aranos 
    Generally Regarded As Safe
  • Nck Drake
  • Group Zero 
    Love And The Present
  • Shida Shahabi
    Low Land
  • Gigaman
    Om Shanti Om (Kris Baha Remix)
  • 33.10.3402
    лоша роба
  • biggabush feat. The Blackjack Horns, Farda P 
    Real & Regal (Illegal Dub Version)
  • Sascha Funke 
  • Son Of Sam
    You Got Me
  • Il Est Vilaine feat. C.A.R. 
    Yvré - Eveque feat. C.A.R.
  • Pangaea 
    Scaled Wing
  • XY0815 
    Fuck Mars, We're On Earth Now
  • The Reef
  • Pye Audio Corner
    Northern Safety Route
  • Peaking Lights 
    I Can Read Your Mind
  • Sector Dean Dennis
  • Warden CA 
    Push On Th Room
  • Cleveland 
    Pay Back
  • IV78_Arian 911
    See U In 2050
  • Camila De Laborde 
    You Couldn't Build That, You Couldn't Pretend