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Adultz Only

London, 17.01.23

A lovers selection strictly for the adultz, courtesy of Norman Francis - the man behind lovers rock archive The Revival Master.


  • Trevor Walters 
    There's No Way (Club Mix)
  • Rosie Hinds, Robert Lewis 
    Love Of My Life
  • Yasmin Alexander
    My Kinda Lover
  • Kotch 
    Two Occasions
  • Mercedes & La Mar
    You & I
  • Robbie Ellington 
    The Letter
  • Harlem Gem feat. Debbie Gordon 
    The More That I Get
  • Winsome 
    Am I The Same Girl
  • Frederica Tibbs
    Love Only You
  • Pirate Collection
  • Ccornell Campbell Ft. The Amateurs
    Do You Care
  • Tyrone
    If I Had The Chance To Be Your Guy
  • Tad Hunter 
    Love of My Life
  • The Bus Band
    Is There A Place
  • Rose Capri 
    Talking In Your Sleep
  • Velson