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Adultz Only

London, 24.10.23

A lovers selection strictly for the adultz, courtesy of Norman Francis - the man behind lovers rock archive The Revival Master.


  • 0:01:20
    King Brillo
    Never Find Anyone Like You
  • 0:03:43
    Fiona Harriott
    Close to You (Real Love)
  • 0:06:41
    Janet Kay 
    Giving My Heart To You
  • Charlie Wilson Ft. Shaggy
  • Peter Hunningale
    Send Her My Love
  • Private Collection 
    You And Me - Club Mix
  • Frankie Paul 
    I Know The Score
  • Nerious Joseph 
    Living In The Footsteps
  • Leo Simpson
    I Am A Believer
  • The Fredericks 
    End Of The Line
  • Joy Mack 
    At The Club
  • Heptones 
    I Thank Heaven
  • Brown Sugar 
    Forever My Darling
  • Denzil Dennis 
    My Own True Love
  • Marie Pierre 
    Over Reacting
  • Winsome 
    Can't Take The Lies
  • Errol Gordon
    Don't Take Your Love Away
  • Trevor Hartley 
    Feeling Lonely
  • Fenton Smith
    You Gonna Pay
  • Love & Emotion 
    I Don't Love You Any More
  • Karen Dixon 
    I Want To Be Free