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A Month of Sundays w/ Cauldron

Detroit, 11.06.23

Bill Spencer shares weekend recordings from his living room studio in Detroit, Michigan, from where he brings a range of soulful jazz rock, and ambient sounds, spanning to electronica and psychedelic dub.


  • --:--
    Guy Guden 
    2000 Womb, A Space Delivery
  • 0:01:10
    Eros In Arabia
    Never Tech No Foreign Answer
  • 0:03:30
    Creation Rebel
  • Leslie Winer 
  • Station 5
    I’m In Love
  • Painkillers 
    Saint Twelve
  • S. Sklair, T. Harrison 
    Electroscope 7
  • Evening In Torpor
    Mother’s Family Ring
  • Gerrit Ries 
    Traffic Danger
  • Annette Peacock 
  • Anoux 
    The Unknown Song
  • Sue Downer & Arthur Hendrie 
    Hang In There, Baby
  • Mark Stewart
    Stranger Than Love Dub
  • Sabel 
    Place In My Heart (Instrumental)
  • Durutti Column
    Without Mercy
  • The Phil Comolli Band 
    Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt