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British Library Sound Archive: from Dusk until Dawn

London, 09.06.18

Selection and mix by Cheryl Tipp. One hour of unpublished field recordings featuring animals that are mainly active between the hours of dusk and dawn. Examples include a nocturnal soundscape from the Amazon rainforest, eerie calls from a Lincolnshire seal colony and an Australian dawn chorus. Many thanks go to all the recordists who gave permission for their recordings to be shared. Be sure to check out the expanded tracklist and notes for this show.

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  • The Homeward Journey Before Dusk
    Recorded Near Tendaba Camp
  • Turkish Soundscape At Dusk
    Recorded In Kuyuçuk
  • Common Noctule Echolocation Calls
    Recorded In Kent
  • Atlantic Grey Seal Colony
    Recorded In Lincolnshire
  • Manx Shearwater Calls And Wing Sounds
    Recorded On Skokholm Island
  • Night In The Várzea Forest By Boat
    Recorded Near Leticia
  • Corncrake Calls
    Recorded On North Uist
  • Red Deer Stag Roars
    Recorded In Leicestershire
  • Common Pipistrelle Echolocation Calls
    Recorded In Kent
  • Tawny Owl Hoots
    Recorded In Northumberland
  • A Petrel Nightscape
    Recorded On Skokholm Island
  • Dehesa Freshwater Atmosphere
    Recorded In Extremadura
  • Nightingale And Mail Plane
    Recorded In Hortobágy National Park
  • Iron Range Dawn Chorus
    Recorded In Queensland