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Desire Paths w/ Laura Groves


With Laura Groves

Desire paths are formed by repeated deviation from official routes.

Artist/producer Laura Groves explores private roads and dreamscapes with a series of mixtapes featuring demos, synth sketches, collaborations, pop classics, field recordings and soundtracks.


  • Sven Grünberg
    Hukkunud Alinisti Hotel Track 1
  • The Necessaries 
    More Real
  • Mothmen 
    One More Weapon
  • Sven Grünberg
    Hukkunud Alinisti Hotel Track 3
  • The Cleaners From Venus 
    A Mercury Girl
  • Vazz 
    Cast Reflections
  • Barefoot Jerry feat. Buddy Spicher, Dulin Lancaster 
  • Brotherhood Of Lizards
    April Moon
  • Broadcast 
    Echo's Answer
  • Pavel Milyakov 
    solstice amb
  • SOUTH 
    Really Feeling It Lately
  • Laura Groves
    Faking It (Slow)
  • Nourished By Time 
    Quantum Suicide
  • Duke Ellington 
    The Single Petal Of A Rose
  • The Beach Boys 
    Till I Die
  • Talk Talk