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High Noon w/ Dina J & The Cowboys From Sweden

Los Angeles, 12.05.17

Dina Juntila aka Dina J is a Los Angeles based DJ. record collector and music supervisor. "High Noon" is a seated round about of sounds with the idea that the mix is its own OST for some unknown film. Each month features a special guest with a similar sickness.

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  • Bruno Nicolai
    Paolo & Francesca-Gemelli
  • Alessandro Alessandroni
    La Mala
  • Art Of Lovin
    What The Young Minds Say
  • Bruno Battisti D'Amario
    Valle Celeste
  • Dunn & Rubini
  • Seven Deaths In The Cat's Eye
  • Claire Hamill
  • Des & Dawn
    Clear, Cool, Calm And Still
  • Ennio Morricone
    Così Come Sei
  • Gary Blanchard
    Blue Diamonds
  • Gilles Luc Laurent & Armand Frydman
    Night Flying
  • Hector Leuck Et Krista
    Plaisirs Locques
  • Jim Williams
    Child Music 4: Dark Reflection
  • Klaus Weiss
  • Ulla Neumann
    Når Mørket Falder
  • Les Grands Classiques Au Synthetiseur
    Adagio For Moog (Fondé Sur "L' Adagio" 17.D'Albinoni)
  • The Search Party
    So Many Things Have Got Me Down
  • The Clefs Of Lavender Hill
    Play With Fire
  • Robert Haigh
    Thieves Of Symmetry
  • Ennio Morricone
    Crescete E Moltiplicatevi (Astratto)
  • Stelvio Cipriani
    Mi Riprendo Mio Figlio
  • Elsa Laurent
    Toute Seule
  • Cindy Und Bert
    Ghe' Die Straße
  • Jacques Francey & Sonia Reff
    Top Secret (In French)
  • Prince De Baroda
    Que C'est Triste Un Monde Sans Amour
  • André Hossein
    Théme Du Vampire
  • François De Roubaix
    Theme From Les Etrangers
  • Johnny Harris
    Love Song
  • Serge Gainsbourg
    L'Homme À Tête De Chou
  • The Fine Machine (Giacomo Dell'Orso)
    Shut Paranoia
  • Nico Fidenco
  • Philippe Sarde
    Max Et Abel
  • Ann Sorel
    L'Amour À Plusieurs
  • Paul Baillargeon & Dean Morgan
    Gaspé Adieu
  • Steff Sulke
  • Sophie Makhno & Colin Verdier
    Obsessions 68
  • Stanley Myers
    Kate's Place
  • Serge Gainsbourg
    Ne Dis Rien
  • Alain Goraguer
    Brigitte, Femme Libérée
  • Jean
    Claude Vannier - Western (BOF La Horse)
  • Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
    Caccia All'uomo
  • Ron Forella
    Wild And Wonderful (Edit)
  • Giorgio Moroder
  • Kayoko Ishu
    La Lecon Particulier
  • Milva
    Un Sorriso
  • Daniel Beretta
    Un Amico (12-String Guitar Version)