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Discostan: Sri Lanka Protest Sonics w/ Imaad Majeed

Los Angeles, 27.07.22

The island nation of Sri Lanka is facings its most devastating economic collapse in its history. Since March, 2022, waves of protests have culminated in a protest village in the capital city of Colombo. Where there is protest, there is protest music. This episode features some of the most potent expressions that have come out of this mass movement, in Sinhala, Tamil and English, as well as “bus music” (a popular genre among the working class) and a few deep cuts of yesteryear.

Imaad Majeed is a multidisciplinary artist based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. They are Director and Curator of the trilingual performance platform KACHA KACHA. They are Co-Curator and Project Coordinator of a platform for music from the fringes of Sri Lanka: Thattu Pattu. They are one part of the artist collective The Packet and VJ/DJ of Packet Radio (SUPR FM). They enjoy making playlists on Spotify, and write about musicians from Sri Lanka for the international music blog Beehype.


  • OJ Da Tamil Rapper X Bo Sedkid
    Wake Up
  • GTV
    Podda Podda
  • Bo Sedkid
  • Namini Panchala
    We All Have A Common Enemy
  • Indika Upamali
  • Nanda Malini
  • Zany Inzane X Bo Sedkid
    Eka Gamanak
  • Mc Ra
    Ennada Nadakudu Naattula? (Re-Edit)
  • RIIS
    Voice Of Our Nation
  • PVG
  • Arivu & The Ambassu Band
  • Chamara Weerasinghe
    Sithin Witharak
  • Rookantha Gunathilake
    Sanda Basa
  • Athma Liyanage
    Epa Kanduleli Sala
  • Amarasiri Peiris
    Habal Gasannata Idak Kadak Na
  • Big Doggy
    Sthuthi (Feat. Livid)