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Goya & Kiina

Los Angeles, 28.05.20

London-by-way-of-Brooklyn rapper Goya Gumbani and Scottish producer Kiina known for their EP The Lesser-Known, stop by for a guest hour playing original material and recent favorites.


  • Goya Gumbani & Kiina
    Same Strings PRT 1 Feat. Lojii
  • Deem Spencer 
    shorty (pt. 3)
  • Ahwlee & Mndsgn
    Box Up A Rap Vacation.
  • Jay Electronica
    The Never Ending Story
  • Kenny Burrell
    A Street Cat Named Desire.
  • Micheal Franks
    St. Elmo’s Fire
  • Terry Callier 
    Sign Of The Times
  • Senyaka
    Don’t Judge Me Bad
  • $Ilkmoney
    Outskirts To Future Buddha
  • Goya Gumbani & Kiina
  • Malik Abdul Rahman
    One For Fredo (Bilal Flip)
  • J Dilla 
    Dillatronic 34
  • Budgie 
    Don't Dilute The Water
  • [Bsd.U]
    Notice Me
  • mndsgn feat. Ahnnu 
  • Stanley Turrentine 
    Midnight And You
  • The Jones Girls 
    Nights Over Egypt
  • Rare Silk 
    Up From The Skies
  • Kevin Moore
    Speak Ya Mind.
  • Goya Gumbani & Kiina
    Sittin Right
  • Mach Hommy 
  • Gary Burton 
    Las Vegas Tango