Live now

Henry Rollins

Los Angeles, 17.05.16

With Black Flag

Greetings fellow music fan and NTS listener. Go ahead, look, below at all the great music we have lined up. I’ll wait. Pretty cool, right? Of course it is. Like we would dare to waste your time! Hopefully, this will work as a good warm weather mix. Information on every single band and artist we’re playing can be found on the internet. Their respective bandcamp sites, etc. So, if you want to get more information, it’s out there. The internet is swell for all that but the real action is at the record store and at live shows. The more often you go, the better everything gets. We have a great line up of tracks here which we very much hope you enjoy. During the show, I forgot the name of Coltrane’s long time bass player who is on the Stellar Regions sessions. Of course as soon as the show was finished, I remembered immediately: Jimmy Garrison. Like Coltrane, Mr. Garrison passed away at an early age. Also like Mr. Coltrane, he was a hardworking and prolific player. If you had to pick one musician from which to learn about all music, you would be well served by the lessons laid down by John Coltrane. Find one recorded moment, studio or live, where he isn’t giving it 100%. There is not one of his records that isn’t worth listening to. Until next month, thank you for listening. Henry