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Jamie Tiller & Tornado Wallace

London, 28.09.19

With Tornado Wallace

The Music From Memory co-founder digs out the dancefloor cuts from his rarefied crates - expect sunblushed house, bargain bin jams, vintage synthpop & lots else besides.


  • Yantra 
    The Birth Of Stars
  • Alter Ego 
    Sex And Gender
  • Khan 
    Sweet Pink Lemonade (Part I)
  • Jonquera 
    Escroc Voice In My Head
  • Mamakuta Presents Kowadji
    Kowadji Tibetan Version -
  • Tornado Wallace 
    Midnight Mania
  • eXquisite CORpsE 
  • Knopha 
    Gym A
  • Bio Dreams 
    Snake Charmer (4 AM Mix)
  • Internal N.Y. Rhythms
    Poli-Ritmo II
  • Vox Mystica 
    Callas (Mystica-Mix)
  • Cando 
  • Spooky 
  • Unknown