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Kit Records w/ Kadialy Kouyate

London, 22.06.14

With Kadialy Kouyate

Every two weeks Kit Records founder Richard Greenan offers a tropical hangover tonic of off-beam electronics, weird field recordings and feel good pop wonk. Old, new, borrowed, blue.


  • Dezurik Sisters
    Birmingham Jail
  • Sun City Girls 
    Mineral Wells
  • Alma Lillie Hubbard 
    The Old Ark Is A'Movin'
  • Ignatz 
    Gazing At The Fire
  • Auclair 
    Jupiter + Venus
  • Emahoy Tsegue
    Maryam Guebrou - The Homeless Wanderer
  • Kadialy Kouyaté
  • Virginia Astley 
    Out On The Lawn I Lie In Bed
  • Fairport Convention 
  • Cody Yantis 
    Brightness I
  • Kadialy Kouyaté
  • Righteous Acid 
  • Devon Loch feat. Best Available Technology 
    Slow Wave
  • John Cameron 
    Training Kes
  • Nath Family
    Sounds Of The Indian Snake Charmer Volume Two (Excerpt)
  • Ensemble Musica Negativa Performing John Cage
    Atlas Eclipticalis (Excerpt)
  • Felt 
    Ferdinand Magellan