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Labour - Zan Zendegi Azadi

DAKAR, 03.10.22

We, Studio LABOUR (Farahnaz Hatam and Colin Hacklander), express our solidarity with the liberation movement in Iran, and dedicate this show to the women of Iran and their right to live as they choose without violence, oppression, and misogyny. We strongly condemn the violent suppression of the widespread protests. The persecution of all Iranians must stop immediately and we demand freedom for students and political activists. We honour and recognise the bravery of the artists, journalists, singers and every person taking to the streets, and especially to all those whose lives have been detained or taken - rest in power.

Featuring mostly lyrics in Farsi and Kurdish, this show opens with Shervin Hajipour’s 'Baraye' from just last week, which bravely acknowledges the liberation movement, and landed him immediately in prison. Following this are two hip hop tracks from the 2012 compilation, Azadi: Songs of Freedom for Iran by United for Iran; then the young rapper KCT’s track from just this week before celebrating an earlier generation of great female musicians such as Mahasti and Hayedeh.

Women, Life, Freedom! Zan Zendegi Azadi!


  • Shervin Hajipour’s
  • Salome MC feat. Mahmoud Taleghani 
    Drunk Shah, Drunk Elder
  • Justina
    Be In Azadi Bekhand
  • KCT
  • Dariush
    Beyade Vatan
  • Moein
  • Golnar Shahyar And Mahan Mirarab
  • Fereidun Froghi
    Yare Dabestani
  • Hayedeh
    Gole Sangam
  • Mahasti
  • Mahasti 
    Delam Tangeh
  • LABOUR Ft. Hani Mojtahedy
    Nine-Sum Sorcery