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Mish Mosh Get A Wash w/ AYA

Manchester, 10.01.21

With AYA

An hour of snapped converse laces and big bad fringes. RIYL: metalcore, skramz and white cider in the bus station.


  • The Chariot 
    Evan Perks
  • Stimulant 
  • The Number 12 Looks Like You
    Don’t Get Blood On My Prada Shoes
  • Saetia 
  • Piri Reis 
    Last Light For Venetian Blind
  • Loma Prieta 
  • Misery Signals
    One Day I’ll Come Home
  • Botch 
    Frequency Ass Bandit
  • Jerome’s Dream
    Do We Write To Write Right
  • Norma Jean 
    Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste
  • Hawthorne Heights 
    Ohio Is For Lovers
  • Have Heart 
  • Chelsea Wolfe 
    Tracks (Tall Bodies)
  • Liturgy 
    Exaco III
  • Bliss Signal 
    Biss Signal
  • Loathe 
    Red Room
  • END feat. Pete Morcey 
  • The Callous Daoboys
    Fake Dinosaur Boys
  • SeeYouSpaceCowboy 
    Prolonging The Inevitable Forever
  • Duster 
    Echo, Bravo
  • Title Fight 
    Head In The Ceiling Fan