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Lung Dart

London, 29.03.21

With Lung Dart

Lung Dart take over the NTS airwaves every fourth Monday at 10pm. Playing chopped & screwed, ambient, pop, experimental and more.


  • Lim Giong 
    A Pure Person
  • Jieh
    A Pure Person
  • Koji Kondo
    Tower Of Spirits Staircase
  • Catherine Lamb 
    Muto Infinitas (2016/18)
  • RAP 
    Loose Connection
  • Tom White 
    No Script on Set.
  • The Stranglers 
    Midnight Summer Dream
  • Smerz 
  • Richard Greenan 
    Rehearsing Heat
  • Thierry Durbet 
  • James Shimoji (Feat. Kitty Brown)
    And It's So Beautiful
  • Trio Krzysztofa Komedy 
    1 Etiuda Z Baletu Jazzowego
  • Leila 
    Why Should I?
  • Peretsky Fka משפּחה קלאַנג
    Gardening With My Dog (7-9-7-10)
  • Snd 
    Inner 01
  • Nadjma 
    Some Day My Caliph Will Come
  • Vegas Featuring Siobhan Fahey
    Walk Into The Wind Version 1