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Meuko! Meuko! w/ Disconnect

Taipei, 30.03.20

With Meuko! Meuko!

A monthly hour of warped, percussive and pulsating selections. Punctuated with original productions and unreleased material from producer, singer and DJ Meuko! Meuko!


  • Hiro Kone 
    Submerged Dragon
  • House Of Kenzo
    Bonfires Of Urbanity
  • Heith 
    Mushrooms (palestrian)
  • Coil 
    Tainted Love
  • Bath Consolidated 
    Cloister Of Trials II
  • XDCVR_ 
  • Amensia Scanner
    Acá (Feat. Lalita)
  • Mika Vainio Mix]
    Björk Headphones
  • Stargate 
    Driving Hyperreality
  • Dean Blunt 
  • Hiro Kone 
    A Fossil Begins To Bray
  • Trans
    Mongolian Railway
  • Rabit 
    Bloody Eye
  • Gabber Modus Operandi 
  • Jenna Sutella
    Nimiia Vibié II
  • Dean Blunt 
    The Narcissist
  • Flora 
  • Alysia Crampton
    LA River Demo [2007]
  • Gosh Even
    It's Hard To Keep Up With My Soul
  • Tadleeh 
    Ego Will Collapse
    ORRIDGE & BRYIN DALL Featuring LADY JAYE : This Is The Final War