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Meuko! Meuko! w/ Lica & Cheng Daoyuan

Taipei, 24.05.21

With Meuko! Meuko!

To connect, and condense any possibility formed by the joint force of people." is the core of LICA’ s concept. Started with a photography project Nowhere_non - which captures experimental, metal and punk scenes in 2019, she began her sound project LICA in 2020 and released “reverse” at Taipei noise label Karma Detonation Tapes. Shortly after her Indonesia shows, she started a new project Sundialll with Ramaputratantra. Now she’s involved in the Taipei punk organization Suck Glue Boys, led by their commitment to promoting extreme music culture. Cheng Daoyuan is a Taipei-based multi-media creator whose work spans sound, visual and installation. After his first oversea shows in Tokyo, he released his debut album “Apeiron” in 2019, also featured on numerous compilations released by labels from Europe and Asia. In 2020, he performed at Nexus Experience presented by MUTEK X, and made his first 7.1-channel ambisonic sound design at NTMoFA, currently in residence of HKCR and


  • Personalbrand & B E N N
    D K H D
    清水斷魂崖 Ancestral Spirits Of Cingshuei Cliff
  • 暴君 Bloody Tyrant
    落雨賦 Ode To The Falling Rain
  • LIV
  • 漂流出口 Outlet Drift
  • Sundialll
    Untitled(Live Remix)
  • Island Futurism
    An Island That Goes Forward
  • Bergegas Mati & Junko Hiroshige
  • Mutation
    Sorcerer Of Southern
  • Opus Jam
    Rekah X Ramaputratantra(Live Remix)
  • 神仙老虎狗 Buddha Tiger Dog
    木 Wood
  • 神仙老虎狗 Buddha Tiger Dog
    樹 Tree (Live Remix)
  • LICA
    Destory, Reorganize
  • 自私的混蛋
  • 共犯結構
  • Miser
    Curse Of Interva
  • ER666OT
  • Moi dix Mois 
  • Cienfuegos 
    Slipping Venus
    Tongue Untied
  • Aircode
  • 蔡小月
  • 盛潔 Gogoj A.K.A Sheng Jie
    南喀王午睡時夢見了一個預言 When The Namka King Naps, His Dreams Are Prophecies
  • FANG
    COSMICWANDER X Ongon Cycle02
  • FRKTL 
    Will, Want, Desire
  • N1L 
    exit anthropocene
  • Cheng Daoyuan
    荊詠 Stigmata
  • Never Worse 
    The Bleakness
  • Huh (Clansie Cheng Daoyuan mix) 
    ID -Cheng Daoyuan Remix-
  • Atrax Morgue, Mörder Machine 
    What's A Human ?
  • Gutenberg (Contagious Orgasm mix) 
    Chain Tentacles (Contagious Orgasm Remix)
    4 In The Morning
  • Zaliva-D 
    End Of The Sky
  • 菊池俊輔
    Mankind's Last Sun Sets ~ Ending
  • Guinea Pig 2: Flower Of Flesh And Blood
    Stomach Disembowelment
  • 梶芽衣子