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Mixed Fruit w/ Eddie Bermuda, Mia Carucci & Gabriela Ruiz

Los Angeles, 06.11.19

Eddie Bermuda & Mia Carucci (and sometimes friends) playing everything under the sun. Pull up, hop out, air out. Then maybe have a good cry.


  • Don't Assume
    Mia's Set
  • Raymond Scott 
    Mood Piece
  • Meat Beat Manifesto 
    The Sphere
  • Gravediggza
    Mommy, What's A Gravedigga
  • Tricky 
    Overcome (Album Mix)
  • T99 
    Anasthasia (Out Of History Mix)
  • Ramirez (Hocus Pocus mix) 
    Terapia (Hocus Terapiocus)
  • DJ Slugo
    Freak Ride
  • Dee-Lite
    Apple Juice Kissing
  • Type O Negative 
    Be My Druidess
  • Lords Of Acid 
    Pump My Body To The Top
  • Radical 2 React 
    Eliminating Suckers
  • Goldie 
  • Big Pun feat. Miss Jones 
    Punish Me
  • Insider 
    Destiny (Original Mix)
  • Anthony Naples 
    Mad Disrespect
  • ASAP Rocky
    Sundress (Intro Dirty)
  • Thee Mike B
    Flowerz - B's Bangin Medicinal Loopza
  • Henry Wu 
    Wivout U
  • Jamie Trench 
  • DJ Honesty
    DJ Honesty
  • Thee Mike B
    Music Bakes You Tack
  • System Olympia
    Falling In Love