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Mosca w/ Sigha & Luke Lund

London, 24.02.21

With Mosca

Mosca runs underground club music inspired by tunes from all over: dub, house, techno, grime and jungle, as well as East coast hip hop, South African house, Shaolin soul, indie and post-rock from his youth, first-wave electro, stripped down ragga and dancehall, a little minimal ghetto stuff, and more. On top of that he's racked up some pretty big guest mixes in past shows.


  • Dale Cornish (Soft Pink Truth mix) 
    Nag (Soft Pink Truth Nagulator Remix)
  • Mosca
    All Very Hush Hush [Rent]
  • Amandra & Karim
    Sqala 4.2 (Mosca's Cherry Hill Version) [Original Forthcoming On Tikita]
  • PML Beatz
    Tambarino [2735550]
  • Talismann
    Trybal Beat [Forthcoming On Talismann]
  • Chevel 
  • Richie Hawtin, Concept 1 
    96:04 08:00
  • Richie Hawtin
    96:08 16:00 [Concept 1]
  • Richie Hawtin, Concept 1 
    96:01 01:00
  • Richie Hawtin
    96:12 23:00 [Concept 1]
  • Richie Hawtin, Concept 1 
    96:02 03:00
  • Richie Hawtin, Concept 1 
    96:02 03:00
  • Richie Hawtin, Concept 1 
    96:01 01:00
  • Ghetts
    No Mercy (Feat. Pa Salieu And BackRoad Gee) [Ghetts Limited]
  • Fausto Mercier 
  • Last Japan 
    Ascend VIP (Instrumental)
  • OK EG 
    Phase Transition
  • DJ Q
    All That I Could [Local Action]
  • Gábor Lázár 
  • Silk Road Assassins 
    Feeling Blu
  • Richard Divine
    Sinscur [Bl_k Noise]
  • Kelela
    Lmk (Mountain Remix) [Warp]
  • Div Pro
    Sapsan Bounce [Ascetic House]
  • Ziyiz
    Stretch Out Flexi Material (Gooooose Remix) [Failed Units]
  • White Gloss
    Breach [Bio Future Laboratory]
  • Hamilton Scalpel 
    Cadzow Skrak
  • Zuli 
    Keen Demag
  • Lurka 
    Point Noise Behaviours
  • Cocktail Party Effect 
    For The Memory Exchange
  • Inigo Kennedy
    Stellation [ Blocaus]
  • Baby T 
    Acid Science
  • Daniel Ruane
    Ferry Corsten Clear Stretch Of Toast Edit [Failed Units]
  • Cocktail Party Effect 
    War On Codex
  • Anthony Shakir 
  • The Bug 
    Deep Version
  • Agostino Di Scipio
    Natura Allo Specchio [Computer Music Journal]
  • Low Khey 
    Control X
  • Deadhand Ft. Sensational
    Touch (Etch's Pink Ladies In Space Remix) [Seagrave]
  • Lurka 
  • DJ Ride
    Lazers [Renraku]
  • Luke Lund
    Through-Occlusion Mesh Recovery [Unreleased]
  • Luke Lund
    Resilar [Unreleased]
  • Lamont 
  • Ayln
    Carol Tiggs [Nous Disques]
  • Luke Lund
    Skyllan Ja Kharybdiin Välillä [Unreleased]
  • Divpro 
  • Corticyte 
    Integrate 2
  • Siete Catorce
    Seeds [Subreal]
  • Trevor Wishart 
    Tongues Of Fire
  • Mani Festo 
    Iron Fist
  • Luke Lund 
  • Luke Lund
    Excessive Force [Totes Format]
  • Slikback 
  • East Man, Walton 
    Don't Speak
  • Luke Lund
    Manstopper [Unreleased]
  • Sebastian Camens
    Stasis [Nada]
  • Eszaid 
    Meet The Top Boys
  • Biga Yut
    Nu13 [Hakuna Kulala]
  • Rapid Antics
    Radar [ПИР]
  • Luke Lund 
    Aalto-2 (Kessler Syndrome)