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Glasgow, 22.09.20

With Optimo

Optimo is JG Wilkes & JD Twitch; record label, and longstanding Glaswegian party. You can expect a lot from their new monthly slot, sure to dig up some obscurities from post-punk, new wave, EBM, house and techno. Bags of unreleased stuff, too.


  • Stano 
    Majestic of Majesty
  • Everson 
    G Riddi
  • Elijah Minnelli 
    Venn Diagram
  • Radial Gaze
    Nido (Tim Paris Remix)
  • Sunken Cages
    Mudras (MPeach Rmx)
  • Paradise 3001 
    Inner Rhythm (Bio Sensitive Mix)
  • Raymond Scott 
    Super Cheer Instrumental
  • Yuri Suzuki
    Convenient For The Fingers
  • Interstellar Funk, Robert Valera 
    Devil's Juice
  • Powell 
    Her Face
  • The Knife 
    Real Life Television
  • Marcy Luarks & Classic Touch 
    Electric Murder
  • Tolouse Low Trax 
    Berrytone Souvenier
  • Franskild 
    Plastic Yacht
  • Die Orangen
    Burnt Bay Feat Eva Geist
  • Drax
    Amphetimine (JG Wilkes Mid-Temperature Version)
  • Sault 
    The Beginning & The End
  • Full Of Information 
    Running In A Trance
  • Maurice Fulton Presents Stress
  • Higher Intelligence Agency (APL mix) 
    Universal Entity - Ketamine Entity Reformed By APL
  • Dauwd 
    La Nota
  • The Silver Apples 
  • Painkillers 
  • Edison Electric 
    Acid Hall (Extended Version)
    Am I
  • JD Twitch 
  • Pascal Comelade 
    Approximative But Fair
  • Clair Hotgem
    Fergus Trip
  • Sooakxa
    Many Chinas
  • Mickey Van Seenus
    What If (Smagghe & Cross Version)
  • Edgar Broughton Band 
    Out Demons Out
  • Mohamed Mansour
  • Woody Guthrie
    All You Fascists Bound To Lose