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Melbourne, 28.10.19

Scruffy Aussies Otologic join NTS once a month for a couple hours of dishevelled disco, belting acid house, and, well, whatever else takes their fancy. Having grabbed Melbourne’s attention firmly by the balls, the duo stepped up to the plate at NTS to show us what they can do – and there’s plenty of new ones to hear.


  • Blue Nouveaux 
  • YL
    Hooi - Prince's Versionr
  • Etienne Jaumet
    Caravan (Dj Aethome Dub)
  • Orson 
  • East Meets West
    Cut 2
  • Mondo Bizarre 
    Where Are You
  • Lord Tusk 
    Natural Partnership (Hightower Mix)
  • Sheba 
    Love Potion (Crazy Mix)
  • Jah Free 
    Lightning Clap
  • Chel White 
    Dream Of Tunnels
  • Yuti Lee
    Tuberosa (Suzanne Kraft Remix)
  • Joviale 
  • Blue Nouveaux 
    Quiet City