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Melbourne, 05.09.20

Scruffy Aussies Otologic join NTS once a month for a couple hours of dishevelled disco, belting acid house, and, well, whatever else takes their fancy. Having grabbed Melbourne’s attention firmly by the balls, the duo stepped up to the plate at NTS to show us what they can do – and there’s plenty of new ones to hear.


  • Aera
  • Khun Fluff
    วิญญาณ (Feat Chucheewa)
  • Maria Teriaeva 
    How Are You Feeling?
  • Lara Sarkissian
    A House Is A Being
  • Acopia
    For You I Try
  • Stano 
  • Bellydance 
    3 Days Man! - Extended Mix (Pee Wee Ferris & John Ferris)
  • Dub Judah 
    Struggling Dub
  • Twilight Circus
    Perfect World
  • Cral
  • Gavsborg
    Making Love To Volca
  • Gooch
    This Groove (Yu Su Remix)
  • Josiah Steinbrick
    Full Bloom
  • Scan Lines
    Scan Lines (Part I)
  • J.McFarlane's Reality Guest
    Human Tissue Act
  • MUMIA 
    Ave Do Deserto
  • Andria 
  • Peter Graf York 
  • X.Y.R. 
    Bamboo Haze
  • Ol 
  • Pugilist 
    Your Doing It Wrong
  • Floral Resources 
    Botanic Panic
  • Komposisi Kompos
    KOMPOS 7
    You Think Real Playboys Care Wot Toby Or Hermione From Resident Adviser Think, Bruv?
  • Haji K. 
    Antoinette & A Single Tear Climbing Up A Wall
  • Grace Ferguson feat. Claire Lambe, Isabelle Reynaud, Joannah Doney