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Kiss Cafe w/ Piper Durabo

Los Angeles, 14.09.21

Piper Durabo AKA Maraschino serves up an assortment of hyperdelic jams from the L.A. studio

Photo Credit: Stephanie Nicole Smith @stphnnclsmth


  • Tina & The Wildside Diamonds
    Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend
  • Caroline Loeb 
  • Suzy Andrews
    Born To Bleed
  • Maraschino
    Mind Your Own Business
  • Guisy Dej
    Follow Me
  • Kyoto 
    Venetian Blinds
  • Annabouboula (Roli Mosimann mix) 
    Don't Worry, Ma
  • Gay Cat Park 
  • Cosa Rosa 
    Die Fantasie Reicht Bis Zum Knie
  • Ginny 
    Can't Be Serious (Club Mix)
  • Rexy 
    Sending In The Clones
  • Mercedes 
    Boys Talk - Girls Talk (DJ Mix)
  • Saâda Bonaire 
    The Facts