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New York, 08.08.22

New York based artist and musician Rahill selects a monthly medley of picks from her record collection, rooted in US jazz, with soul, folk and international sounds.


  • Milt Ward And Virgo Spectrum
    Morning Glories
  • Willie Colon 
    Angustia Maternal
  • Tchicai
    Llanto Del Indio
  • Amancio D'Silva 
    A Street In Bombay
  • Baden Powell
    Canto De Yemanja
  • Willie Colon
    Camino Al Barrrio
  • Leon Thomas 
    Shape Your Mind To Die
  • Walter Zuber Armstrong 
  • Billy Harper Quintet 
    Croquet Ballet
  • Milt Ward And Virgo Spectrum
    Morning Glories
  • Sonny Stitt 
    The World Is A Ghetto
  • Lee Morgan 
    Little Spain
  • Monty Waters 
    The Black Cat
  • Baikida Carroll Quintet
  • Ron Everett 
    Glitter Of The City (Song By Tahira)