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Red Laser Records w/ Pharaoh Brunson & Ste Spandex

Manchester, 28.03.21

Red Laser Records crew brings Manchester's own blend of Manctalo, Disco & Boogie. A high energy Sunday Buzz guaranteed.


  • Enzo Avitabile 
    Black Out
  • Sharon Red
    Love How You Feel
  • Magic
    My Place
  • Starpoint 
    Bring Your Sweet Lovin' Back
  • Starion
    Grandtalo Deluxe
  • Jextopolis
    On The Cliffs
  • Da Mob (Todd Edwards mix) 
    Fun (Todd Edwards' Cut-Up Mix)
  • DA Rebels 
    It's Time To Jack The House
  • Skyy 
    First Time Around (Special Remix)
  • Metrodome
  • Bill Jobs
    Hot Summer Beat (Tascam Mix)
  • Rhythm Masters 
    The Underground
  • Trancesetters (Armand mix) 
    The Search (Armand's PU-TANG Mix)
  • Joey Beltram 
  • dynArec 
    Aqua Motion
  • Patrick Lindsey 
    Prepare To Jam
  • Rhythm Masters 
    Verse 1.~ Deep Inside Of U
  • Double 99 
    R.I.P. Groove
  • D.J. Tonka 
  • DJ Stingray 
  • DJ Maaco 
  • Jam & Spoon 
  • Bill Jobs
    Power Level (Tascam Mix)
  • Oasis
    Supersonic (Ste Spandex Mix)
  • Helter
    Step Away
  • Ten Years Lost
    Heat Connection
  • Dave Angel 
  • Slam 
    Positive Education
  • Starfighter 
    Apache (Dub Mix)
  • Rhythm Masters
    Murder Tune (E-Disko Mix)
  • Ste Spandex Ft. Don Lovedog
  • American Saliva
    Body Tape
  • Ste Spandex
    The Stairwell Incident
  • Bill Jobs
    Electro Trashh
  • Ste Spandex Ft. DJ Drakula
  • Ben Sims Pres. Ron Bacardi
    Lucky People
  • Kid Machine
    SDM (Terry Perace Mix)