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Rhythm Connection w/ Joe Hart (Body Hammer)

London, 21.04.16

On this week’s show we are joined live in the studio by Joe Hart who runs the two hottest parties in town. North London’s sweatbox Body Hammer (with Scott Fraser) and the legendary World Unknown party in Camberwell with Andy Blake (a record label also). Joe’s one of our favourite DJs in London and we’re really pumped to have him on board. Rhythm Connection is hosted by Nadia Ksaiba and Dan Beaumont every other Thursday on NTS.


  • Terrance Parker
  • The Normalmen 
    Mx 22
  • Mr. Tophat, Art Alfie 
    Tiny House
  • LOVE
    San Propa
  • Dj Fettburger
    PG Sounds
  • Golden Teacher 
  • Project "86" 
    Total Recall (Original Mix)
  • Karen Pollock 
    You Can't Touch Me
  • Kalidasa 
    Bursting Through
  • Mitch Winthrope Presents
    Ellysian Fields (The "You Gotta Knowthe Sotry")
  • Transcendence 
    Luv 'N' Happiness (Chapter 1)
  • Underground Resistance 
    Abandoned Building In Mono
  • No Pain
    IT'sa Gonna Be Alright
  • Tin Man 
    Falling Acid
  • Micheal Oliver
    Breakin Up, Breakin Down (Club Mix)
  • O.D.C. 
    My Mind Is Going (Deranged Version)
  • Quest 
    Look Into My Eyes (Dub)
  • BnC 
    House Ain't Givin Up (Edit Mix)
  • Separate Minds 
    Troubled World (US Mix)
  • Patti Jo 
    Make Me Believe In You
  • Awanto 3 
    Star Butchers
  • Justin Cudmore (Mike Servito mix) 
    Crystal (Servito's 730 Reshape)
  • Midland (Gerd Janson mix) 
    Before We Leave (Gerd Janson Re-Mix)