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Sacred Pools w/ Toshiki Ohta

London, 08.04.21

With October

Toshiki Ohta is now a co-host on NTS’s Sacred Pools show alongside DJ October and Faso. Toshiki is known for mixing between textures, genres, tempos and styles, underground and overground, with a love for pitched down jungle, pitched up breakbeat rave, EBM, dark balearic and acid rollers.


  • Lord Of The Isles + Ellen Renton
    What Athene Saw When Tiresias Looked | Unrleased
  • Cocteau Twins 
    Cherry Coloured Funk
  • BufoBufo
    Zooplankron | Ritual Poison
  • Wordcolour 
  • Spank Rock & Har Mar Superstar
    Trick Or Treat | Lex Records
  • Volruptus
    Fótafimi | Bbbbbbb Recors
  • Yung.Raj
    Lokomotif | Krunk Culture
  • Metro Zee 
    Battered Mazda
  • Luke Abbott (Etienne Jaumet mix) 
    Brazil (Etienne Jaumet Remix)
  • The MFA (The MFA mix) 
    The Difference It Makes (MFA Fungle Fix)
  • Turnstile, Mall Grab 
    The Real Thing
  • Tech Support
    Brazillian Toad Stack (TSM24) | Nocturne
  • Donato Dozzy 
  • dBridge 
    Dark Plains
  • Response, Pliskin 
    Life Without Death
  • DJ Aphrodite, Urban Shakedown 
    You Take Me Up (Exclusive Remix)
  • Rian Treanor 
    Orders From The Pausing
  • Particle feat. Klinical 
    Cult Process
  • Job Sifre 
    We Are Monsters
  • Amps
    Strangers | Self Release
  • Davis Galvin
    Icia | Self Release
  • DJ Rap
    State Of Bliss | Propa Talent
  • YUF-O 
    Rebuild, Recharge
  • Margari's Kid 
    Init 1
  • Luxe 
    Falcon's Rise
  • Special Request, Tim Reaper (Tim Reaper mix) 
    Pull Up (Tim Reaper Remix)
  • Remarc (DJ Hype mix) 
    R.I.P. (DJ Hype Remix)
  • Daniel Avery
    Void | Unreleased
  • Gonno
    Is It Too Slow? Blackbox | Unreleased
  • Lord Of The Isles + Ellen Renton
    Inheritance | Whities