Live now

SIREN w/ Subdermic

London, 08.09.16

SIREN exists to challenge and re-define current preconceptions within dance music, whilst bringing to the fore those underrepresented in the scene. Throwing queer parties in London promoting women and non-binary artists, their monthly NTS show explores techno in its broadest sense, covering everything from electro, to minimal, acid and breakbeat.


  • Kraftwerk
    Showroom Dummy
  • Lena Muir, Profil Horizontal 
  • Generic Face
    Unknown Track
  • Prosopo
    Crowded Lift
  • Radioactive Man 
  • Prosopo
    Unknown Track
  • Lost Sector 
    Power Up (Original)
  • UR 
    Acid Africa (Roots Electric Mix)
  • Pereseus Trax
    MK Ultra
  • Elektrolab
    Dreaming Electric
  • Unknown Artist
  • Radial (Oscar Mulero mix) 
    Revolver (Oscar Mulero Remix)
  • NHK
    Hallucinogen Doom Steppy Verbs
  • Steevio 
    Phenomena (Pure 909 Mix)
  • UR 
    Base Camp Alpha 808
  • Lonny 
    Theme From Murdercapital (The Ride)
  • Pev, Kowton (Andrea, Stenny mix) 
    End Point (Stenny & Andrea Remix)
  • The Programator
    Unknown Track
  • Joel Mull
    Eroticon 6
  • Source
    Source EP
  • Idaphukamai
    DJ Mashup 1
  • Paula Temple (Hyenaz mix) 
    Gegen (I Want To Move) (Hyenaz Edit)
  • The Subdermic
    For The Passion Grindr
  • Reeko 
  • Trade 
    Positive Neckline
  • Truss 
    Clawdd Du
  • The Subdermic 
    What The Passion (Original Mix)
  • Ansome (Randomer mix) 
    Back Alley Sally (Randomer Remix)
  • The Subdermic 
    Scaring The Horses (Original Mix)
  • Headroom 
  • The Subdermic
    Scaring Horses Acidious
  • Trade 
    Half Nelson
  • Surgeon
    Unknown Track
  • The Subdermic