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Holliday Show w/ Skinny Girl Diet

London, 03.02.21

With Skinny Girl Diet

Skinny Girl Diet are London's foremost riot grrrl duo. Delilah Holliday and Ursula Holiday. Post-punk, glam, garage and all things nice… or something like that.


  • Susumu Yokoto
    So Red
  • Mica Levi 
    Ride Till We Die
  • Easter 
    The Softest Hard
  • Bjork (Flirt Is A Promise Remix)
    You've Been Flirting Again
  • Labrinth
    I Fall Inlove So Easily
  • Kamilita
    Fake AF
  • Delilah Holliday
    Goddess Energy
  • P J Harvey 
    Electric Light
  • Sophie 
    Is It Cold In The Water?
  • Minor Science 
    Naturally Spineless
  • Junglepussy 
  • Gaza G Sudden 
  • Grove 
    Ur Boyfriend's Wack (Ur Worst Nightmare Remix)
  • TiaCorrine
  • Imogen Heap 
    Just For Now
  • Sophie 
  • Portishead 
    The Rip
  • Yasuaki Shimizu 
    Seiko 3