The Extended Play Sessions w/ Mr Pedro

London, 23.11.19

Long time record collector and purveyor of fine musical flavours Mr. Pedro cooks up a banquet of aural delights every other week: afrobeat to disco and more, time to liven up.


  • Eurythmics
    The City Never Sleeps (Live)
  • Rowen Johnson
    Dubbing It Closer
  • Cliff St Lewis
    African Ryder (Instrumental)
  • Stranger Cole, Leroy Heptones
    The Time Is Now / Revolution
  • Inner Circle I
    Chips And Bruises
  • Dur Dur Of Somalia
  • Timmy Jones
    Hello Timmy
  • Dudu França
    Geração Saúde (Versão Longa)
  • Peter Yamson
    Every Body Dance
  • G.L And Band
  • B.B. Seaton
    Dancing In The Moonlight
  • Sound President Odion Iruoje
    Love Care
  • Bayo Damazio
    Listen To The Music
  • Nzimande Allstars
    Highway Sporo Disco
  • Black Moses
    M 2
  • Dur Dur Of Somalia
  • Ayoban
    Min Mat Karena
  • Esnard Boisdur ( Africaine 808 mix )
    Mizik Bel (Africaine 808 Remix)
  • Ama
    Bad Girls
  • John "Jellybean" Benitez, Adele Bertei
    Mirage (Dancers Dream) (Extended Dance Mix)
  • Aphrodisiac
    Your Love (Club)
  • Omar S
    Psychotic Photosynthesis
  • Donna Summer
    I Feel Love

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