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We Are… w/ Paul Camo & UHF

London, 28.10.23

Artist, graphic designer and DJ Paul Camo sets out to push the boundaries: free of all restrictions. Jump in the chat and listen as Paul Camo's WE ARE brings you on a voyage through the spectrum of jazz fusion, spiritual jazz, experimental jazz and everything in between.


  • 0:00:15
    Matana Roberts 
    Enthralled Not By Her Curious Blend
  • --:--
  • 0:17:40
    Bex Burch 
    If I Was You, I'd Be Doing Exactly The Same
  • James Brandon Lewis, Red Lily Quintet 
  • Myele Manzanza
  • In Conversation With
    Jerzy Mac
  • Jerry&ThePelicanSystem 
    Temple Of Jetsu
  • Jerry&ThePelicanSystem 
    Everest Inn
  • Andrew McPherson 
  • UHF
    Guest Mix
  • 3 Wishes
    Ornette Coleman
  • Greensleeves Feat. Eric Dolphy (Live)
    John Coltrane
  • Temple Of Jetsu
    Jerzy Mączyński / Jerry&ThePelicanSystem
  • Save The Children
    Gil Scott-Heron
  • Winelight
    Grover Washington Jr.
  • Rosemary’s Baby
    Krzysztof Komeda
  • Dialogue
    Tomasz Stańko
  • Love Is Everywhere
    Pharaoh Sanders
  • Tune INN
    UHF (Hieroglyphic Being X Jerzy Maczynski )
  • The Grid
    Philip Glass
  • Bb Flat Minor Blues
    Le Monte Young
  • It’s Impossible (From _Il Dio Sotto La Pelle_)
    Piero Piccioni
  • Sam-Sa-Ra
    UHF (Hieroglyphic Being X Jerzy Mączyński )
  • The Pan Piper (Live Version)
    Miles Davis
  • Multidimensional Transformation
    UHF ( Hieroglyphic Being X Jerzy Mączyński
  • Happy Hour
    Ornetter Coleman