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Word of Command

New York, 06.04.22

DJ, artist and techno impresario, Word of Command welds fevered collage and high-octane techno into a hallucinatory dreamscape. He is the founder of FIST (@funisstilltransgressive), a queer techno party that pays tribute to radical fun, while engaging the visibility of communities of otherness through techno in NYC.


  • Guitar Vader (Hideki Naganuma mix) 
    I Love Love You [Love Love Super Dimension Mix]
  • Carlota 
    entropy to syntropy
  • Bjarki 
    Electric ppl
  • Jlin 
    Auto Pilot
  • Push 
    Strange World (2000 Remake)
  • Schacke
    Lost Summer (Kyiv Sunrise Mix)
  • Fanon Flowers 
    MM 3
  • Roman Poncet
    Atome II (Original Mix)
  • Tomas Andersson 
  • Mmork
    That Ephemeral Feeling
  • DJ Mantis
    Running Up That Hill
  • Ignition Technician
    Rhythm Abuse Remaster
  • Röyksopp Vs Erlend Øye
    Poor Leno (Silikon Soul Remix) / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Acapella)
  • Umbraid
    Nur Für Dich
  • De Schuurman 
    Nu Ga Je Dansen
  • Konrad Wehrmeister 
  • Konrad Wehrmeister 
  • Europa
    Lo Siento
  • Special Request 
  • Massacooramaan
    Lookin Ass Implosions (L-Vis Edit)
  • Shizuo, Give Up 
    The Man