Play It As It Lathes w/ Zach Cowie

Los Angeles, 22.02.19

Zach Cowie - former record label guy & DJ turned music supervisor. Every month Zach lays down a vinyl-only one hour mix of ambient, experimental, folk, psych and jazz records with Play It As It Lathes.


  • Philip Sanderson
    Bright Waves
  • Aril Laury
  • Fra Lippo Lippi
    Some Things Never Change
  • Short-Term Memory
    The Words
  • Priscilla Ermel
    Sete Quedas (Excerpt)
  • C.W. Vrtacek
  • Hans Otte
    Part 1
  • Uakti
    A Grande Virgem
  • Paul Dresher
    Night Songs Part 1
  • Brannten Schnure
    Der Main Fliet Auf Der Stell
  • Robert Haigh
    From The Mystery
  • Woo
    Orbit Unknown
  • פזמון חוזר
    נורית גלרון

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