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Elements of Rhythm: Earth 🪨

Planet Earth, 28.03.23

The natural world is dominated by rhythm – from the daily back-and-forth bounce of the tides, to the intricate swing of birdsong. Humans are, of course, part of the natural world. Taking inspiration from the elements, this four part series explores drumming and percussion from around the world.

Drums are the world's earliest and most ubiquitous musical instrument. This episode explores percussion and ritual rhythm as a universally shared common practice among all people. We take a tour across the earth, sampling some of the instruments and complex rhythms of different peoples. From the ancient Irish bodhran, to the Vodou drumming of Haiti.


  • 0:01:33
    Nippon Gagaku Kai 
    Sahō Taiheiraku (Kyū)
  • 0:05:10
  • 0:08:30
    The Sabri Brothers & Ensemble 
    Allah-hoo, Allah-hoo
  • The Soul Of Mbira - Traditions Of The Shona People
  • Groupe Koma Zozan
    Ceçanê (Danse Traditionnelle)
  • David Fanshawe
    Coconut Pickers Song
  • Cocoroe Band
    Drumming (1)
  • Bert Pidgeon And Alfie Tuck
    Up The Sides And Down The Middle
  • Women's Choir From Beira Baxa With Adufe Accompaniment
    The Rendez-Vous
  • Otha Turner, The Afrossippi Allstars 
    Shimmy She Wobble
  • Unknown Artist
    The London Lasses The Glass Of Beer Dickie Dwyer's
  • Ojitlán, Oaxaca Street Band
    Quijada De Burro
  • Chocolate 
    Añi-Añi Manola
  • Jorge Emmanuelli Náter
    Plena Rhythm
  • Drummers Of The Societe Absolument Guinin
    Voodoo Drums
  • Field Recording
    Drummers Of Burundi
  • Ridwan Asyfi Feat Fatihah Indonesia
  • Hossam Ramzy 
    West Naima (Naima's Hip)
  • Ashanti Tribe Of Ghana, Ewe Tribe Of Ghana