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From The Depths w/ Drakeford

London, 02.04.21

The FTD label’s monthly audio vomit. Often hosted by Charles Drakeford, with occasional guests if they’re in town. Expect music for all occasions, though perhaps most commonly club-centric selections.


  • Sambo
    I'm Tired Of Going On
  • Cindy Lee 
    Cat O’ Nine Tails III
  • Gwydir 
    High Hearts
  • Palatons 
    Jungle Guitar
  • The Wailers 
  • Eddie Chacon 
    My Mind Is Out Of It's Mind
  • The Melody Mates 
  • The Shelltones 
    Blue Castaway
  • Brotherly Five
    Losing My Girl Brotherly Five
  • Spike 
    ES Rever (DJ Nature Remix)
  • Spike 
    Take It Home
  • 12.Michael Carvin
  • Starcrost 
  • Gal Costa 
    Não Identificado
  • Sun Ra 
    Angels And Demons At Play
  • Brother's Rap
    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
  • Hamid El Shaeri 
  • Ahmed Malek 
    La Ville Part 2
  • Rachel Sassi, Victor De Roo 
    Promenade Sentimentale
  • White Light 
    I'm Waiting For The Man
  • Pierre Normal 
    Novembre Tardif
  • Midori Hirano 
  • Aline 
    Les Copains (D'Anne Laplantine)
  • Cindy Lee 
    As I'm Stepping Thru The Gates
  • Sonic Youth 
    Teen Age Riot
  • Earth 
    The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull
  • Slint 
    Breadcrumb Trail
  • Midwife 
    Anyone Can Play Guitar
  • Midwife 
  • Joan Baez And Mimi Farina
    Morning, Morning