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CCarTalkLA w/ Martine Syms

Los Angeles, 12.02.20

This episode was compiled by the contributors of Scene Report: Rocket Caleshu, Tierney Finster, Lauren Anderson, Paige Marton, Martha Oatis, Roger Greenleaf, Diamond Stingily, Sara Magenheimer, Olivia Barrett, Gabrielle Datau, Amanda Harris Williams, Brent David Freaney, and Dicko Chan.


  • Seefeel 
    Rough For Radio
  • Sara Magenheimer
    Excerpt From Beige Pursuit
  • Larry Heard 
    Caribbean Coast
  • Brent Freaney
    Letter From Col. Dad
  • Mariah Carey feat. Twista 
    One And Only
  • Diamond Stingily
  • Cody Chestnutt
    No One Will
  • Roger Greenleaf
    Art World Facts
    The News
  • Martine Syms
  • Unrest 
    Make Out Club
  • John Coltrane, Archie Shepp 
    Call Me By My Rightful Name
  • Brandy 
    Full Moon
  • Prince And The Revolution 
    The Beautiful Ones
  • Caroline Shaw, Roomful Of Teeth
    Partita For 8 Singers: No.1. Allemande
  • Cocteau Twins, Faye Wong feat. Faye Wong 
  • ESG 
    You Make No Sense
  • Danity Kane 
    Ooh Aah
  • Donna Summer 
    I Feel Love
  • park hye jin 
  • Sonny Sharrock 
    Who Does She Hope To Be?