NTS x MLB x Champion: Old Rivalry New Sounds w/ Yesterday's News

London, 27.06.19

Lorraine Petel from Yesterday's News clashes straight edge against punk in a special showdown for MLB & Champion's Old Rivalries New Sounds series.


  • SS Decontrol
    Get It Away
  • Last Rights
    So Ends Our Night
  • Gang Green
  • Slapshot
    Something To Prove
  • Deep Wound
    Video Prick
  • All White Jury
    When I Get Old
  • Outpatients
    G.P.D. (Green Paper Dick)
  • The Proletariat
  • Sorry
    My Word
  • The Freeze
    I Hate Tourists
  • Decadence
  • Grey Matter
    I Hate Alcohol
  • Lou Miami & The Kozmetix
    Dance With Death
  • Mission Of Burma
    Academy Fight Song
  • Native Tongue
    Blame It On Gravity
  • Moving Targets
    The Other Side
  • The Lemonheads
    Glad I Don’t Know
  • DYS
    (The Girl´s Got) Limits
  • Negative FX
    Feel Like A Man
  • Jerry’s Kids
    Tear It Up
  • Vile
    White Collar
  • The PTL Klub
    Drug Squad
  • The F.U.S
    Radio Unix
  • The Freeze
    We’re The Abnormal Ones

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