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Questing w/ Zakia

London, 11.04.20

A selection of fragments and folk songs conjured from quarantine. Featuring original field recordings from West Wales, Colombia, Senegal and the Caribbean.


  • Field Recording
    Zakia And Izz In Laugharne, Wales
  • Richard Burton, Dylan Thomas 
    Poem In October
  • Meredydd Evans 
    Mab Annwyl Dy Fam
  • Field Recording
    Richard, Grandpa And Grandma In Llanmiloe, Wales
  • Tommy McGrath 
    Burke's Engine
  • Unknown
    Y Sguthan
  • Mr. Ero 
    My Darling Rose
  • Davey Graham 
    She Moves Through The Fair
  • Robbie Basho 
    Oriental Love Song
  • Elizabeth Cotten 
    Spanish Flag Dang
  • Rang'ala
  • Albert Lokwa Na Jarimo 
  • Ogoya Nengo, The Dodo Women's Group 
  • Martha Dick
    O The Angels
  • Field Recording
    Granny Ann Singing In Church, Bedford
  • Mpilalao Malgache 
    Fikasakasana Ny Eto An-Tany
  • William Siwale & Friends 
    Nase Nsapato Nashiseka Nsuno Chalo
  • The West African Instrumental Quintet 
    Pa Pa Bi
  • Field Recording
    Alex The Pig In Santa Marta, Colombia
  • Alfred Deller 
    When Cock Begins To Crow
  • Quinteto Contrapunto 
    Pájaro Tilín
  • Mrs Sarah Makem 
    I Courted A Wee Girl
  • Field Recording
    Cicadas In Colombia
  • Field Recording
    Ignacio Gomez In Minca, Colombia
  • Field Recording
    Jungle Raindrops In Colombia
  • Garifuna Belize
    Grating Song
  • Vengopal Chari 
  • Field Recording
    Street Vendor In Medellin
  • Field Recording
    Streets Of Hillsborough, Carriacou
  • Count Ossie, Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari 
  • Stranger Cole, Jah Levy 
    I'm Living
  • Accompong Maroons
    Processional Music: Clear Road
  • May Fortune 
    Saraca (Interview)
  • Charlie Bristol 
    Yard-O, Yard-Oo
  • Field Recording
    Auntie Petra's Dream, Carriacou
  • Field Recording
    Kids At Harvey Vale School, Carriacou
  • Reverend Rubin Lacy 
    Talk About A Child That Do Love Jesus
  • The John Edwards Singers 
    New Burying Ground
  • The Staple Singers 
    Let Me Ride
  • Blind Uncle Gaspard 
    Sur Le Borde De L'eau
  • Lead Belly 
  • Bessie Jones, The Georgia Sea Island Singers 
    Buzzard Lope
  • William Brown At Sadie Beck's Plantation
    Mississippi Blues
  • Field Recording
    Street Atmos In Dakar, Senegal
  • Field Recording
    Ibu Dia On Mammelles Beach, Senegal
  • Field Recording
    The Ndiaye Rose Family At Lac Rose, Senegal
  • Field Recording
    Birdsong In Laugharne, Wales