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Rhythm Connection w/ Front De Cadeaux

London, 22.09.16

With Front De Cadeaux

A fortnightly journey into H.O.U.S.E. hosted by Dan Beaumont & Nadia Ksaiba featuring interviews & mixes from super special guests. Expect two hours of old bangers and upfront pumpers.


  • Sultan Shakes (Rub N Tug mix) 
    OK (Rub n Tug's Acid Bath Time Jammy)
  • Roxanne Shante 
    Bite This
  • Patrick Cowley Ft. Candida Royalle
    Tomato Song
  • Mugwump
    Voetbalkineen (Front De Cadeux Remix)
  • Severed Heads 
    Dead Eyes Opened (Radio Edit)
  • Chayell 
  • O'Flynn 
    Aloha Ice Jam
  • Teleskop 
    Eta Carinae
  • Ena Lind
    Wisdom To Know The Difference
  • Marquis Hawkes, Jocelyn Brown 
    I'm So Glad
  • Beesmunt Soundsystem 
    Sensual Works
  • Carisma 
    Parallax Rock
  • Man Power 
    Tachyon (Original)
  • Brooklyn Express 
    You Need A Change Of Mind
  • Front De Cadeaux (Ruf Dug mix) 
    Killers (Ruf Dug Remix)
  • Sofian Rouge 
    Starglazer (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)
  • ID
    Unknow 33rpm
  • Freudenthal (Front De Cadeaux mix) 
    Occult Peregrination (Front De Cadeaux Remix)
  • ID
    Unknow 33rpm
  • Front De Cadeaux
    Cogitate (Dub) - Unreleased 7’ Forthcoming On Lexidisques 1st October
  • ID
    Unknow 33rpm
  • ID
    Unknow 33rpm
  • Front De Cadeaux 
    Front De Cadeaux Theme