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Rum Punch - Trinidad Special


Danny Fitzgerald Joins us for an hour of music from the Caribbean and west African diaspora.


  • Lord Nelson 
    Disco Daddy
  • Shadow 
    Dat Soca Boat
  • Scrunter 
    She Want Me To Sing In She Party
  • Lancelot Layne 
    Carnival Drum Song
  • Sparrow 
    The Outcast
  • Singing Francine 
    Carnival Fever
  • Maestro 
    Soca Music
  • Calypso Rose 
    Give More Tempo
  • Lord Kitchener 
    Pan In Harmony
  • Duke Of Iron
    It's The Rhythm We Want
  • King Fighter 
    Mouthorgan Lesson
  • Small Island Pride
    Ba Moin En Tibo
  • Mighty Skipper
    Foreign Lover Boys
  • Fitz Vaughan Bryan And His Orchestra
  • Lord Zandolee 
    Too Much Man Family
  • Lord Cristo 
    B.W.I.A.: Calypso