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Test Pressing

London, 14.01.23

With Apiento

Apiento, a.k.a Paul Byrne runs the invaluable Test Pressing blog and releases music on World Building, World Unknown and more. His show has that esoteric techno thing and whatever suits the mood…


  • Taj Mahal 
    The Most Recent (Evolution) Of Muthafusticus Modernusticus
  • The Grand Jury 
    Music Is Fun To Me (Vocal)
  • N-Gynn
  • EX-T
    Vanlight (Rezoned)
  • Natural Experience
    Don’t Leave Me
  • Coral D 
    Core Group
  • Thomas Almqvist 
    Mot Natten
  • Stevie Wonder 
    The First Garden
  • Discotecas
    Digital Garden
  • Louie Balo, Tommy Bones 
    You Are There
  • Ceephax
    Escalator Love
  • Jean-Michel Jarre 
    Souvenir De Chine
  • Orange 
    Quarter 2: Le Fruit
  • Lil Louis
    The Love You Wanted
  • Apiento Ft Kat Armaious & Harriet Brown
    Exit Music
  • The Orb (Abacus mix) 
    Apple Tree (Abacus Remix)
  • Ceephax
  • Lucy Pearl (Mood II Swing mix) 
    Don't Mess With My Man (Mood II Swing Edit)
  • Adamski's Thing (Love From San Francisco mix) 
    One Of The People (Love From San Francisco Vocal Mix)
  • Sub Culture Ft. Marcus
  • Seduction 
    Seduction (The Reprise Loft Mix)
  • The Isley Brothers 
    Here We Go Again